Published: 31 January 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/65fbvgzhjp.1
akambaraswaran nill


I have discovered information about how human was created (born) in earth. Millions of years back In our galaxy planets from the sun to Uranus came in an almost unique strait line once upon a day. At the same time of earth with moon there are 27 stars surrounded. The planet effects are collected and pass through into one star and totally the powers are come down to earth. That has formed as a human male child .same as after 27 days also a female child is formed.This one is happened has per science power.Same as water and land livings are also created.What we see the plants, trees and agriculture based products are born from land only. This is my theory of human birth in earth. JESUS CHRIST has created by sun light and reached in to Mriya stomach. (this is an example proof of how human has created) As per science we have to prove in laboratory. But this kind of activity no one can make any experience and exercise here after. All kind of living things are came from the concept of EGG. Mr.Darwin and big bang theory is not true and proved. Human has not come with one from another or changed.Aliens or any other planet things are not made