RGD adsorption on titania surfaces

Published: 02-08-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/65kv687spt.1
Andrew Thomas


CASA XPS .vms files and other XPS raw data. Data file Summary: 1mgmL_RGD_20 (non-rinsed RGD) 1mgmL_RGD (non-rinsed RGD) 1mgmLRGD_washedtwice (rinsed-RGD) 0.01mgmL (non-rinsed RGD lower concentration) clean_exposedtoN (Clean sample vented to N2 in load lock) clean_exposedtoNandwater (Clean sample vented to N2 and exposed to droplet of water in load lock) dose1_catechol (Catechol, no RGD) dose2_catechol (Catechol, no RGD) clean_venttoN_2waterdrop (Hydrophobic droplet on clean surface) dose3_catechol_ventandwet (Hydrophilic droplet on Catechol) catechol_1mgmLRGD (Catechol + RGD) catechol_1mgmLRGD_20 (Catechol + RGD) catechol_1mgmLRGD_2wash (Catechol + RGD rinsed) catechol_1mgmLRGD_2wash_20 (Catechol + RGD rinsed) catechol_0.01mgmLRGD (Catechol + RGD lower concentration) catechol_0p01mgmLRGD_20 (Catechol + RGD lower concentration) RGDSLS_SLActive_xps.vms (Ti substrate models.)