Data for: Disciplinary, Institutional, and Individual Factors Affecting Researchers’ Depositing Articles in Institutional Repository: An Empirical Analysis

Published: 4 October 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/65thc93rkw.1
Jong Sir Oh, Youngseek Kim


The online survey was initially conducted along with another study focusing on researchers’ article sharing through scholarly social media, from late November, 2016 to mid-February, 2017. A total of 2,532 potential survey participants were asked whether they are aware of IRs and/or scholarly social media (i.e., ResearchGate), and those who were aware of IRs in their academic institutions were led to take the survey for this research. A total of 122 initial responses were received for this research (compared to 303 initial responses for the other survey), and only 109 out of 122 initial responses were considered valid because participants completed more than 80% of the survey questionnaire and responded to the items inquiring about article depositing behaviors through IRs as an outcome variable. In order to secure more responses for this research, we made the same online survey available from mid-October to late December, 2017. A total of 927 potential survey participants were invited to take the IR survey; rather than excluding anyone who was unaware of IRs like at the administration of the survey the first time, we provided some explanations about IRs at the beginning of the survey during the second administration of this survey. As a result, all the potential participants were able to take the IR survey. We received a total of 135 partial and full responses from the 2nd time the survey was administered, but only 112 responses were found to be valid for data analysis (i.e., more than 80% of questions including the question about article depositing behavior were answered). From administering the survey on two separate occasions, we received a total of 221 valid responses (109 responses from the 1st time the survey was administered and 112 responses from the 2nd time the survey was administered), and those 221 responses were used for final data analysis.



Biological Sciences