Supraacetabular Corridor Data

Published: 4 January 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/66xspychhw.2
Miqi Wang


This study seeks to define the dimensions, common constriction points, and any alternative trajectories that would maximize the corridor diameter. Computed tomography of 100 male and 100 female hemipelves without osseous trauma were evaluated. The corridor boundaries were determined through manual best-fit analysis. The largest intercortical cylinder within the pathway was created and measured. Alternative trajectories were tested within the SA boundaries to identify another orientation that maximized the diameter of the intercortical cylinder. The traditional SA corridor had a mean diameter of 8.3 mm in men and 6.2 mm in women. This difference in diameter is due to a more S-shaped ilium in women. A larger alternative SA corridor was found that had a less limited path through the ilium and measured 11.3 mm in men and 9.9 mm in women. These dimensions are significantly different compared to those of the traditional SA corridor in both men and women.



University of Vermont Medical Center


Orthopedics, Trauma, Pelvis