Analytical and field data SA model

Published: 2 August 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/66yxdp2dtn.1
Massimo Iovino,
, Paola Concialdi, Simone Di Prima, Laurent Lassabatere,


Dataset contains analytically generated infiltration data and field experiment data used for the manuscript Iovino et al. (2021) "Parameterization of a comprehensive explicit model for single-ring infiltration" submitted to Journal of Hydrology. More details on simulations are provided in the attached file "SA model Raw analytical data.xlsx". Field infiltration experiments were conducted following the Beerkan procedure with a ring diameter of 8 cm (Lassabatere et al., 2006). Two soils were considered, a loam soil (AR site) and a silty-clay soil (RO site). The AR site was sampled on five different dates (November 2017, April, May and September 2018, April 2019). The RO site was sampled only once (June 2019). Additional data include dry soil bulk density, rob, and initial soil water content, thetai.



Infiltration Method for Estimating Soil Hydraulic Properties