Complete Marginal Assessment versus Sectional Assessment in Surgically Excised High-Risk and Recurrent Keratinocyte Carcinomas: A Systematic Review

Published: 12-02-2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/674mz2htb2.2
Sophia Farga,
Robert Besaw,
Fadi Murad,
Chrysalyne Schmults,
Jason Kass,
Abigail Waldman


Supplemental Figure 1. Study selection flow chart adapted from the PRISMA statement Supplemental Figure 2. Forest plot comparing recurrence between CMA vs SA in aggressive BCC 12 studies were included in this analysis. The point estimate is the proportion of tumors that had a recurrence, the size of the square is proportional to the weight of the study, and the bars show the corresponding 95% CIs. The blue diamonds are centered on the summary of the proportions of the included studies, and the width indicates the corresponding 95% CI Supplemental Table 1. Recurrence outcomes of high-risk keratinocyte carcinomas treated with CMA or SA