Bibliography of Aeolian Research

Published: 12 November 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/675gwk5jp7.1


Aeolian research is a sub-discipline of the physical sciences that focuses on the activity of the winds, with an emphasis on the winds' ability to interact with and shape the surface of the Earth and other planets. Aeolian research spans a broad array of disciplines and may include the study of windblown sand, associated landforms, deposits, and sedimentary features. It may also include the study of dust, dust storms and the effects of fine particulate matter on climate and air quality. Aeolian research also includes the study of wind erosion and its control by tillage, cover crops, shelterbelts, and other management practices. An extensive Bibliography of Aeolian Research (BAR) was constructed that contains references to every known scientific manuscript published in the field of aeolian research from the earliest known publication in 1646 to the year 2015. Construction of the BAR was a team effort that extended over a period of more than fifteen years and resulted in a collection of 44,399 bibliographic citations. Prior to June of 2020, The Bibliography of Aeolian Research was hosted on a webserver located at the USDA-Agricultural Research Service in Lubbock, Texas. This webserver was shut down and is no longer available to the public. The goal of this publication is to restore public access to this valuable data set.



University of Texas at El Paso, University College London, USDA Agricultural Research Service


Aeolian Processes, Air Quality, Aeolian Landscapes, Loess, Dunes, Aeolian Instrumentation, Blowing Dust, Wind Erosion, Aeolian Geomorphology, Dust Particle, Sand, Dust Storm