Syngas-hydrogen UQ data

Published: 08-01-2020| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/67854cyf78.3
Kai Zhang,
Xi Jiang


We report here the effect of fuel variability on high hydrogen syngas combustionphysicochemical properties at various equivalence ratios. The novel aspect here is the uncertainty effect of H2:CO ratio on fluctuation of some industrial relevant quantities such as flame temperature, flame speed, and NO emission. Unlike previous studies discussing the role of precise H2:CO ratio on those quantities, we consider here that the ratio is never precise, and is always coupled with small uncertainties described by probability density function (PDF). The final reported effect is, e.g. the fluctuation of flame speed (mean+variance) rather than flame speed (mean only). We used UQTk-3.0.4 for pre- and post-processing data obtained from 1D PREMIX module of CHEMKIN-PRO. The data structure is well-defined using relevant file name associated with respective descriptions. Note: the presented datasets are generated with one in-house script, hence the data structure are roughly the same. For some data which are not calculated from PREMIX such as CO emission level (NUI-Galway), out script does not allow empty or 0 number to be used for UQ, a fixed number such as 1.000000 is hence used. Because of that, when users see weird data such as a column of 1.00000 in a text file, it merely means that the data is not retried.