Nature of human intelligence

Published: 6 June 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/67mgwggxv3.1
Senarath Dayathilake Kande Lekamalaya


Humankind faces many problems like terrorism, crime, the collapse of the family unit, drug abuse, war, theft, etc. I did this multidisciplinary Research to find whether there are primary and common psychological reasons or not. I have discovered some fundamental factors that are significantly limited or reversible of human intelligence by some decisions. Those limitations might be due to activating delusional thoughts and decisions, which are declined of intelligence, mainly cause by psychological mind viruses (MV) in them, as I hypothesize. Those issues are impacting optimal living, psychological, physical, and social well-being. So, better practical solutions and preventive methods are needed. The leading psychological limiting factors for intelligence development are MV, and its' remedies are healthy mind viruses (HMV). Intelligent learning, training (meditation), and intelligent decisions might evolve the nature of the brain, nurture, and X-ultra quantum conscious particle genome (XUQCPG); all these six factors seem to be interdepended. The X-UQCPG might bond with the X-ultra quantum unique conscious particle (X-UQUCP). However, the XUQUCP might never evolve or change, and it might maintain the uniqueness of the conscious state of a person. The X-UQCPG helps evolve the latent potential level of



Cognitive Psychology, Buddhism, Decision Science, Behavioral Psychology, Meditation, Human Intelligence, Peace Study, War, Psychological Well-Being, Mindfulness, Happiness, Crime Prevention, Philosophy of Cognition