Industrial Pipelines Data Generator

Published: 23-08-2020| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/68c4c77f4s.3
Mubarak AL-Alawi,
ahmed B,
Yasser Mohamed


The uniqueness and the complexity of industrial construction project data have always been a challenge in research. The confidentiality of the data also contributes to the difficulty of avail data to researchers and the public, especially those projects related to industrial projects such as oil and gas facility projects. Therefore, data generators capable of generating a large number of simulated data have been a pressing demand by the research communities. This data describes a data generator that is capable of producing simulated industrial pipelines data. The industrial pipelines data are complex in nature and the data generator is capable of generating a set of pipelines that preserves the topological and physical properties of the pipeline formation components. Each generated component has eight components. These are: 1. Line number 2. The type of pipeline branch 3. Component location (seq_in_branch) 4. The id of the previously connected component 5. Component type 6. Component diameter 7. Component length 8. The running direction (x, y, z) of the component The data is a Python program code. It runs in a simple Python Integrated Development Environment (IDLE) and saves the generated data in a text file within the program code folder directory. The generated data can be used in studies related to the optimization of industrial pipelines fabrication, transportation, and on-site installation processes. The industrial pipelines data generator can allow different optimization algorithms to be tested under a large number of instance of problems. Also, the availability of the generator program code will enable the researchers to extend the development in the industrial pipeline data.