Published: 8 July 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/68fctj2wx6.1
Cristian Jaime


The following data tables were used to perform the statistical analyzes in R for the article titled "The succession of challenges: effect of chronic heat stress and inactive Salmonella Enteritidis on the immune-neuroendocrine interface of adult Japanese quail". "tabla.estres.ox.csv": data table to analyze the total blood proteins, oxidative damage (MDA), and antioxidant activity (SOD). "tabla.glucemia.csv": data table to analyze the glycemia. "tabla.hl.csv": data table to analyze the H/L ratio. "tabla.pha.csv": data table to analyze the inflammatory response. "tabla.titulo.csv": data table to analyze the specific response to SRBC.


Steps to reproduce

Data were analyzed using Generalized Linear Models (GLMs) to evaluate the effects of CHS, ICH, and bird Sex on the selected INE response variables. When possible, and after carrying out a full residual analysis, triple interactions between explanatory variables were conserved (only when analyzing Glycemia and SOD). If the model considering triple interaction showed to be unfitted, a simplified version was used including Sex as an additive effect to the model and conserving the interaction between CHS and ICH. Each variable was analyzed according to the distribution of their residuals: antibodies titer against SRBC was evaluated using Poisson distribution, Glycemia was evaluated using Gaussian distribution, H/L ratio, percentage of inflammation, total proteins, SOD, and MDA were evaluated using Gamma distributions. Before fitting GLMs, GLMMs were fitted using cages as random effects. As these models were singular, the same models were refitted with GLMs. P-values <0.05 were considered to represent significant differences. Tukey’s HSD test adjusted by FDR was used for pairwise comparisons. All statistical analyses were performed using ‘R’ statistical software (The R Foundation for Statistical Computing, R Core Team, 2022, see Supplementary Material S1 for codes developed).


Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Universidad del Pais Vasco