OMVR SSiN Validation Xdf Dataset

Published: 11 July 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/69f6w6scdg.1
Rasmus Lundby Pedersen, Francois Patou,


This dataset contains the raw trial performance feedback, pupillometry time-series and headtracking time-series data from the OMVR SSiN platform validation study. The data is presented in the Open-Source "Extensible Data Format" (.xdf) format. Libraries used to open .xdf-formatted files can be found at the Github repository: (Last accessed: 2022/07/11) Each .xdf file contains Lab Streaming Layer (LSL: streams: - Each trial performance stream sample is timestamped at the beginning of the respective trial, and contains multiple channels, such as the time from the beginning of the trial to a number of subject-related actions, their responses to the test and the correct answers.



Oticon A/S


Spatial Audio, Word Recognition, Sound