Data for: Decarbonizing policies, strategies and building solutions of the retail sector following the Paris Agreement

Published: 25 September 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/69kstx65pf.1
Ana Ferreira


This data set contains sustainability/CSR reports of the highest revenue retailers based upon the Deloitte and Stores Media’s rank (Deloitte & Stores Media, 2016), regarding the reporting periods of 2014-2015 and of 2016-2017. The selected sample comprised half of the total sales revenue presented in this rank, which corresponded to the 27 highest revenue retailers, out of 250 retailers. Amazon, which was part of the initial sample, was excluded from the study since it operated as an exclusively online retailer. Retailers’ CSR reported topics were analysed, as to infer which areas were more addressed by them in social media. A detailed content analysis of the information presented in retailers’ sustainability/CSR reports was conducted, according to the variables “policy”, “strategy” and “energy-related building solutions”, and following the methodology of Sullivan & Gouldson (2013).



Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting, Global Retailing