Assessment of the influencing factors on African countries signing Economic Partnership Agreements with EU

Published: 4 March 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6b6ddbg8p8.1
yun ying,


This paper want to figure out factors influencing the signing of EPA agreements by African countries and three sets of variables are used : economic, political and regional integration, which include eight variablesin total(GDP、LDC、Resource、Trade with EU、Governance、Democratic、Number、RIL) . Data related with variables are derived from the European Commission's website on the signing of EPAs between African countries and the EU; The economic scale and resource endowment of African countries come from the World Bank's World Development Index (WDI) database; Trade data from the International Trade Centre (ITC) Trade map; The Corruption Perceptions Index (GCI) comes from the Global Perceptions Index report published annually by Transparency International, which used a 10-point scale before 2012, multiplied by 10 to convert into a 10-point scale, which is consistent with the index after 2012; Degree of democracy comes from data provided by the Polity IV Project website; The number of FTAs signed by Africa comes from the regional trade agreement database on the World Trade Organization website. The study period is 2007~2020, during which major African countries have basically completed the signing or ratification procedures of EPAs.



Zhejiang Normal University