Willapa Bay Engineer Border Data (Bare Habitat)

Published: 16 November 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6bp7gwh5xc.1
Wesley Hull


Data showing density and percent cover of estuarine species in 0.25m2 quadrats from Willapa Bay WA. Samples where collected during low tide from bare habitats (tide flat with no or very above ground structure). Samples were collected at paces intervals into bare habitats at each site. To quantify shrimp abundance we used a manual sediment coring method. Within 1 m2 centered on the 0.25m2 quadrat, five points were cored, and at each point, the coring device (13 cm diameter, 36 cm deep) was sunk a total of three times (to 70 cm total). Burrowing shrimp were put into 5 size categories recruits, Extra small (XS), Small (SM), Medium (MED), and Large (Lrg). Columns with "%" represent percent cover of species and "shell" represents shell debris. Values within the column "Burrows.m2" represent values from the column "burrows/0.25 m2" multiplied by 4 to estimate the number of burrows per 1m2. Values within the column "Shrimp.m2" represent the values from the column "total shrimp/5 cores" multiplied by a conversion factor of 15.79 to estimate shrimp per 1m2.



University of Washington


Ecology, Estuarine Ecology, Marine Biology, Shrimp