Data for: The importance of grass cover for mammalian diversity and habitat associations in a bush encroached savanna

Published: 9 March 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6chch8vs6p.1
Jose Soto, Daniel Gwinn, Ara Monadjem, Robert A. Mccleery


Camera trap presence/absence data for 21 terrestrial mammal species detected in Mbuluzi Game Reserve and Mlawula Nature Reserve, Swaziland. Where columns represent each species detected and rows the survey plots sampled. Data includes covariates used in the Bayesian multi-species hierarchical abundance model used to examine the association of mammal local relative abundance and species richness with temporal and habitat covariates. Covariates used in the model are the following: 1. Year: indicates year of sampling each plot 2. Month: indicates month of sampling 3. Camera: indicates whether 1 or two cameras were used at each plot. 4. Shrub: average shrub cover per plot 5. Grass: average grass cover per plot 6. Tree: average tree cover per plot 7. Dwat: distance of plot center to nearest body of surface water 8. vo: Average measure of visual obstruction per plot



Wildlife Biodiversity