The Gem Atlas: A Pictorial Database of Precious Stones

Published: 21 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6crrpfxvn8.1
, Sriparna Banerjee,


This database contains a comprehensive collection of 700 images belonging to five diverse types of gemstones namely, Red Coral Moonga (Scientific name: Corallium rubrum) (134 images), Yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) (Scientific name: Hessonite (Gomed)) (158 images), Navi Sankh (Gomati) (Scientific name: Cat’s Eye Shell) (125 images), Blue Sapphire (Neelam) (Scientific name: Corundum) (156 images) and Emerald (Panna) (Scientific name: Beryl) (127 images). The images of gemstones which are included in this newly curated database are not present in any of the existing databases and are captured by the curators themselves. These images have uniform white background and are captured using the Redmi Note 9 Pro Max is equipped with an advanced camera array consisting of 64MP, 8MP, 5MP, and 2MP lenses, enhanced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.



Jadavpur University Faculty of Engineering and Technology


Image Database, Gemstone