Flow Structures During Upwelling Events in Lakes of Moderate Size

Published: 22 November 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6ct59f73zn.1
Sergio Valbuena,


Numerical simulation input parameters and source code for the analysis of the 3D flow structures Coriolis force effects on the lake response to winds during upwelling events in a lake of moderate size (i.e., Lake Tahoe). Numerical model results for the vertical profiles at multiple locations of interest around the domain.


Steps to reproduce

To reproduce the numerical outputs presented within the manuscript submitted to the Water Resources Research journal, the user must run the compiled executable file "psi3d_20-11-12" within the folder "LakeTahoeUpwelling2018". Execution of the file will run the numerical simulations for the period of study and will reproduce the results provided within the "NodeTimeSeries" folder along with a 3D binary file "ptrack_hydro.bnr" containing the numerical outputs for the whole domain. Finally, a binary file "plain_2" containing the outputs at the surface of the lake is generated after running the numerical model.  To read the 3D binary file "ptrack_hydro.bnr" produced by the numerical model, the script "Si3DtoParaview.m" can be used to create vtk files that can be read and viewed using the OpenSource software Paraview.


University of California Davis


Fluid Flows Numerical Simulation