Interactive Visualization tools for Antipode Ingredients inside Gold and Banknotes

Published: 6 December 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6d25rpvwtb.1
Athanasios Zisopoulos


I do not endorse that “Media is the Message” but I have to respect my research and educational work. This Antipode visualization data set is the interactive visualization dataset from the initial dataset (Zisopoulos, Athanasios (2021), “ANTIPODAL MATERIAL dataset”, Mendeley Data, V2, DOI: 10.17632/mgr25gs4k6.2 ). There are two visualization options for the two different media, gold and banknote paper: 1 First Html interactive tool. 2 Second a future video The file list description is For Banknotes Interactive visualization file: paper-antipodes-interactive-tomviz.html For Banknotes visualization video file:paper-duo-elements.wmv For golden coin three stage visualization video file:gold-three-fold-Video.wmv For the golden coin two-stage visualization video file: godl-tilt-Video.wmv For gold coins Interactive visualization file:gold-antipode-interactive-tomviz.html I Thank the TOMVIZ application creators, this work was only possible with their excellent software. Schwartz, J., Harris, C., Pietryga, J. et al. Real-time 3D analysis during electron tomography using tomviz. Nat Commun 13, 4458 (2022).



University of Western Macedonia


Scientific Visualization, Gold, Interactive Data Visualization, Forgery