Dataset for: DSML4DT: A domain-specific modeling language for device tree software

Published: 5 December 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6d9nv4gk24.1


This dataset contains the following .zip files to accompany the paper, entitled "DSML4DT: A domain-specific modeling language for device tree software", and published in the journal Computers in Industry ( 1) In this file, all language constructs and the Eclipse-based IDE of a domain-specific modeling language, called DSML4DT are included. DSML4DT can be used for the easy and rapid implementation of Device Tree configurations and files for various embedded systems. Please see the Readme.txt file in this zip file for the installation and execution instructions. 2) In this file, the following items are included: - Full Ecore representation of DSML4DT metamodel - Detailed descriptions of DT meta-entities and their relations for each viewpoint of DSML4DT metamodel - An example of model-to-text transformations inside DSML4DT - Discussion on all instance DSML4DT models prepared for the Driver Terminal example - Codes automatically generated by DSML4DT for the Driver Terminal example - Discussion on both the validation rules and how they are executed on DSML4DT model instances 3) This folder includes all research data gathered during the evaluation of DSML4DT language in an IT company which produces various public transport information system solutions based on Device Trees (DTs). Developers working in the R&D center of the company were voluntarily participated in this study as the evaluators. These developers were first asked to develop DT software for four different embedded systems by using their conventional DT development approach followed inside the company. Later, they were asked to apply the model-driven DT development methodology covering the use of DSML4DT to develop same systems. The following items are included: - Model files created by the developers (evaluators) during execution of the case studies - DT codes written and/or auto-generated by each developer - The questionnaire which the evaluators are answered and scored - Measurements for the analysis of elapsed development time and LoCs obtained during the evaluation of DSML4DT. - Scores given by the evaluators for the questionnaire prepared for the evaluation of DSML4DT.



Ege Universitesi Uluslararasi Bilgisayar Enstitusu


Embedded System, Model-Driven Engineering