Measurements of flow patterns, sediment transport, and morphological change in two very sharp bends of the Middle Yangtze River

Published: 11 July 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6djjztkpxs.1
Xin Liu,
, Beiping Mao,


We investigated the morphological changes, patterns of mean flow, secondary flow, and sediment transport around two very sharp bends in the Middle Yangtze River based on field campagns. We found that the deformation pattern is characterized by erosion of point bars and deposition of outer-bank benches, and the patterns of primary and secondary flow and sediment transport in the sharp bends undergoing significant morphological changes differ from those bends that of equilibrium river systems. The velocity data shows the ADCP measured 3D velocities (X,Y,Z) at 12 transects of the sharp bends of QGL and GYZ in the MYR. The sediment data shows the transport rates and median diameters of suspended and bed sediments and suspended sediment concentrations at 12 measured transects. The measurements of long-term morphorlogical change includes the cross-sectional profiles of 4 typical cross sections and the deformation depth duiring the period 2002-2018 around the QGL and GYZ bends. The deformation depth are shown with the tif-format (deformation depth (2002-2018)), which can be viewed in the open-source software QGIS planform (



Changjiang Water Resources Commission, Wuhan University


River Dynamics