A synchrotron computed tomography dataset for validation of longitudinal tensile failure models based on fibre break and cluster development

Published: 09-11-2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/6f2cv54ym8.2
Christian Breite,
Arsen Melnikov ,
Albert Turon,
Alfredo Morais,
Christophe Le Bourlot,
Eric Maire,
Fermin Otero,
Erich Schöberl,
Francisco Manuel Gonçalves Mesquita,
Ian Sinclair,
Josep Costa Balanzat,
Joan Andreu Mayugo,
Jose Manuel Guerrero,
Larissa Gorbatikh ,
L. Neil McCartney,
Mohammad Hajikazemi,
Mahoor Mehdikhani,
Mark N. Mavrogordato ,
Pedro Camanho,
Rodrigo Paiva Tavares,
Simon Mark Spearing,
Stepan V. Lomov,
Soraia Pimenta,
Wim Van Paepegem,
Yentl Swolfs


We performed in-situ tensile tests on two carbon fibre/epoxy composites with continuous scanning using synchrotron computed tomography (CT). Both composites were cross-ply laminates, and two specimens were tested for each composite. The voxel size was sufficiently small to recognize individual fibres and fibre breaks. For each test, 16-19 volumes were reconstructed, cropped down to the 0° plies and analysed to track fibre break and cluster development. This dataset provides the last CT volume before failure for each of the four specimens as well as the individual fibre break locations in all reconstructed volumes. These data are then plotted against predictions from six state-of-the-art strength models. The target is that these data become a benchmark for the development of new models, inspiring researchers to set up refined experiments and develop improved models.