Data for the evaluation of forest and landscape restoration in Northern Ethiopia

Published: 7 December 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6fgwcw4ybz.1
Yvonne Tamba,
Joshua Wafula,
Negusse Yigzaw ,
Eike Lüdeling


This data article provides the datasets that are used to apply the Stochastic Impact Evaluation(SIE) framework in the simulation of returns on investment in biophysical and socio-economic interventions. The study was carried out in a degraded dry Afromontane forest in northern Ethiopia. We used an expert knowledge elicitation approach to acquire the data from decision-makers and community stakeholders. We also developed a probabilistic model of the decision’s costs and benefits while accounting for risks and uncertainties and projected outcomes over time. The data shared here captures all the parameters considered important in the impact pathway (i.e. the expected benefits, costs, and risks) of the decision. The data can be used to examine the impact of FLR projects on livelihoods as well as landscapes.



Decision Analysis, Forest Restoration, Ethiopia, Impact Evaluation