Published: 27 July 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6ftsfyfpbz.1
Florian Passelaigue


This folder contains the data and scripts required to plot the figures of the paper “Predicting the hydride rim by improving the solubility limits in the Hydride Nucleation-Growth-Dissolution (HNGD) model.” The Excel file contains (i) the plots showing the impact of the new parameters g and delta, (ii) the plot of the Zircaloy with inner Zr liner simulation, and (iii) the plots from “Section 5: testing the hypotheses”. The matlab_plots folder contains the data and scripts to plot each case with the set of parameters defined in the paper. Launching the MAIN.m file will build all the plots. The analytical_solution folder contains a script to build the steady-state hydrogen distribution. The parameters can be modified in the MAIN.m file.