RNA-controlled nucleocytoplasmic shuttling of mRNA decay factors regulates mRNA synthesis and initiates a novel mRNA decay pathway

Published: 8 February 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6gxj9hkdsz.1
Shiladitya Chattopadhyay,


CRAC experiment was performed as described previously (Bohnsack et.al. 2009, 2012 and, Granneman et.al. 2009). RNA-protein complexes were captured tandemly on IgG sepharose and Ni-NTA followed by partial RNase digestion using RNase-IT. After ligation of sequencing adaptors, cDNA libraries were prepared by reverse transcription and PCR amplification followed by Illumina deep sequencing. Data were analyzed as described before (Bohnsack et.al. 2009, 2012 and, Granneman et.al. 2009). Resultant sequencing files of full-length Xrn1 (FASTQ_CRAC_Xrn1) and Tail of Xrn1 (FASTQ_CRAC_Tail) each having two distinct biological repeats are uploaded here.



Technion Israel Institute of Technology


Gene Expression