Data of a Social Network Analysis using OntoSNAQA and other conventional tools (UCINET, Pajek, Cytoscape and Gephi)

Published: 25 February 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6gyjr8m7m9.1
Jose Alberto Benítez-Andrades


The compressed file contains: - Data files in spreadsheet format from three different networks (friendship, companionship and acquaintances). - Analysis files from UCINET, Pajek, Cytoscape and Gephi. It is thus possible to corroborate the results mentioned in different studies that refer to these data.


Steps to reproduce

To make use of these files, it is only necessary to have installed the programs mentioned above: UCINET, Pajek, Cytoscape and Gephi. Once installed, the different files can be opened directly.