Farooq AC 2020: OHRQoL in facial burn patients

Published: 8 March 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6jd297fhxp.1
Basaruddin Ahmad


The data was used to investigate the factors associated with oral health-related quality of life in patients with a facial burn injury. it showed that the main factors influencing oral health-related quality of life were poor clinical oral conditions - particularly caries, and severity of burn injury. Other risk factors included poor oral health behaviours, psychological distress and longer time elapsed since the incident.


Steps to reproduce

The data was from a cross-sectional study carried out at a burn centre in Islamabad, Pakistan. The participants were systematically and randomly selected and underwent extra- and intra-oral examinations and, completed self-administered instruments in the Urdu language. The variables included the observer-rated disfigurement scale and, caries (DMFT), periodontal (CPI) and oral hygiene (OHI-S) statuses, sociodemographic background, oral health behaviours, oral health-related quality of life (OHIP-14) and satisfaction with appearance (SWAP), the time elapsed since the incident and cause and severity (type, TBSA). Clinical status was derived using the principal component analysis. Logistic regression, Firth logistic regression and multiple linear regression analysis were carried out using the dataset.


Universiti Sains Malaysia - Kampus Kesihatan


Dental Epidemiology, Burn Injury, Facial Trauma, Quality of Life, Publication, Oral Health, Dental Caries