How People in Hungary Respond to COVID-19

Published: 1 May 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6jgm2fy4my.1
Attila Szabo


Survey data from 1552 online respondents


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A Hungarian survey based on 15 questions: I think that the coronavirus is a very serious threat to the society. The coronavirus worries me. I agree with all the preventive measures introduced by the government. The ratio of social panic to real danger is too high. I think the epidemic will last for a long time. I think the virus was artificially produced. I can live a completely normal life despite the preventive measures against COVID-19. The risk of viral infection in Hungary is lower than in other countries. When I go out, I keep a distance of one to two meters from other people. The face mask protects against the infection. I fully comply with the measures of the government to stay at home. I am not worried, because there will be a vaccine against the coronavirus soon. The media is not telling the whole truth about the coronavirus. I don't feel threatened by the coronavirus.* The national medical care is adequate to save those who can be saved.


Clinical Psychology, Virus, Hungary, Epidemic, COVID-19