Data for: Paleomagnetic, rock magnetic and geochemical study of sediments from Boca do Rio (Algarve, Portugal): inference for the emplacement of the 1755 tsunamigenic layer.

Published: 24 November 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6jsxd4kdpw.1
Luigi Vigliotti


The Excel file contain the results of the Paleomagnetic data of 5 U-channels collected in the field. Even if the paper is based on additional data most of the interpretation is focused on the secular variations reconstructed by these results. The file is split in two sheets representing the measurements of the whole-core data (sheet1) and the results calculated by using the principal component analysis (PCA) (Sheet2) In the Sheet 1 for each U-channel the file shows the following data: Sample ID; Relative Depth (cm); Alternating field used for the demagnetization AF (Oe); Magnetic Declination; Magnetic Inclination; Intensity (10-1A/m). Sheet 2 shows: Sample ID; the Relative Depth (cm); Decl PCA (°); Incl PCA (°); MAD (°).