Data for: Influence of measurement processes on pressure-specific volume-temperature relationships of semi-crystalline polymer: Polypropylene

Published: 19 July 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6k8fpbrd9s.1
Jian Wang, Christian Hopmann, Tobias Hohlweck, Mauritius Schmitz


The pressure-specific volume-temperature (pvT) relationships of polymers are basic data for polymer engineering and polymer physics. The specific volume (vsp) is not only defined by the current value of pressure (p) and temperature (T) but is also dependent on the process history of p and T. The influence of measurement processes on the pvT relationships of a semi-crystalline polymer, polypropylene (PP), has been studied using a piston-die pvT testing device. Based on the isobaric cooling/heating processes and the isothermal compression/decompression processes, the specific volume was examined as a function of cooling, heating, compression, decompression, cooling/heating rates and compression/decompression rates.



Polymers, Polymer Physics, Polymer Characterization Techniques, Injection Molding