Pipe Spool Assembly Task Eye Tracking

Published: 30 April 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6ktzfxzptr.1
Matthew Sears


This dataset includes all eye tracking data and R analyses for my PhD dissertation. 20 professional pipe fitters completed a scale model 1/2" diameter PVC pipe spool assembly task, which lasted an average of 40 minutes per participant. Eye tracking data was collected using SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2.0, which was then imported into SMI BeGaze v3.4. Event data was exported as text files from BeGaze and then imported into a custom web application named Visual Eyes [https://github.com/mattsears18/visual-eyes]. The Visual Eyes application was used to visualize the data, and to compute many eye tracking metrics, including visit duration distributions and convex hull coverage. The computed eye tracking metrics were exported from Visual Eyes as .CSV files, which were then further analyzed with R code.



University of Colorado Boulder


Construction, Productivity