Study on Parameter Characterization of Portable HPGe γ Spectrometer

Published: 31 Dec 2019 | Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/6kvrphymb7.2

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This dataset records the Monte Carlo simulation data during the characterization of the HPGe γ spectrometer. The data set includes MCNP simulation code and running results.
The objects to be characterized are the thickness of dead layer and size of hole in the front and lateral directions
The basic idea of HPGe γ spectrometer characterization is to continuously adjust the parameters of the simulation model so that the simulation results are as close as possible to the experimental results. At this time, the parameter values used for the simulation are approximately equal to the true values.
The simulation model is calculated based on different parameters. The parameters in this data set mainly include three types: (1) The parameters given in the instruction; (2) 0.21cm of the dead layer on the front surface and 0cm of the dead layer on the lateral surface; (3) 0.21cm of the dead layer on the front surface and 0.08cm of the dead layer on the lateral surface. Simultaneously, the characteristic γ rays of 6 different energies were simulated at 4 different positions. The codes and results are shown in the dataset.

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  • Version 2


    Published: 2019-12-31

    DOI: 10.17632/6kvrphymb7.2

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    Wu, Zeqian (2019), “Study on Parameter Characterization of Portable HPGe γ Spectrometer”, Mendeley Data, v2


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