Resiliencia en pacientes supervivientes al cáncer de mama

Published: 7 September 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6m7dr7whzk.1
, Francisco Rivas-Ruiz


The database contains the following variables: - Sociodemographic variables were obtained in relation to the participants’ age, educational level, employment status and family/household situation. - The clinical variables analysed included the type of surgery of the primary tumour and of the axilla, the anatomopathological results, the dates of the surgical procedures and the subsequent oncological treatment provided. - Resilience was evaluated using the 25-item CD-RISC scale developed by Connor and Davidson, based on a questionnaire to which responses are measured on a Likert scale ranging from zero (not entirely true) to four (almost always true). - Duke-UNC Social Support Questionnaire. The database is completed with the names of the variables and the categories in Spanish.



Universidad de Malaga, Hospital Costa del Sol


Psychology, Pedagogy, Oncology, Quality of Life, Resilience, Breast Cancer Survival