ICPTC : Iranian Commercial Pistachios Tree Cultivars

Published: 26 July 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6mmjjkpd5m.1


This dataset includes 526 high-resolution images of 4 cultivars (Jumbo, Long, Round, and Super long) of Pistachio trees from their natural habitats and is called ICPCTC (Iranian Commercial Pistachios Tree Cultivars). From each cultivar, different numbers of images (109-171) of the entire trees and branches were captured in the natural habitat of the tree. In summary, out of 526 ICPTC images, 107 images were dropped for testing. About 80% of the images (419 remaining images) were used for training. In each folding, 86 images (about 20%) were used for validation and 333 images (about 80%) were used for training. The number of images from each class used for testing, validation, and training, was 20%, 17%, and 63% respectively. Images were collected from multiple Pistachio trees, at different camera-to-target distances and from different angles and viewpoints. The Pistachio is an important nut around the world. The pistachio tree has various cultivars that are financially important. These species play a significant role in the economy of Iran. The Pistachio tree cultivar recognition is very critical for cost-effective survival and sustainability. The Pistachio cultivar recognition in their natural habitats is a process. Automatic plant recognition by using image processing and computer vision can reduce the cost and time effectively. Modern computer vision approaches are based on deep learning techniques. In order to perform a deep learning algorithm, the existence of a standard dataset is very essential.



Islamic Azad University


Agronomy, Pistacia, Categorization, Cultivars, Pistachio, Convolutional Neural Network, Deep Learning