Collaboration networks and word cloud

Published: 26 November 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6mpxrdgh79.1
Jelena Jacimovic,


A total of 296 articles on COVID-19 in the field of Dentistry published from February to September 6, 2020, is presented through collaboration networks and word cloud. The scientific collaboration network where nodes are authors and links are co-authorships is given in Appendix Network file 1, revealing regular study groups and pivotal authors of the Covid-19 research in the field of Dentistry. The collaboration network among the 250 most productive institutions can be explored through Appendix Network file 2, where colours are used to make distinctions between different clusters, and the size of the nodes representing institutions indicates the total number of identified COVID-19 articles. The social structure represented on a macro level using the collaboration network among countries is given in Appendix network file 3. The overview of the authors' keywords revealing COVID-19 interests of dental researchers and the frequency of their occurrence is shown in Appendix Word Cloud 1. Bibliometric networks were graphically presented using R packages bibliometrix version 3.0.2 and wordcloud2 version 0.2.1.



Dentistry, Bibliometrics, COVID-19