Cross-modal distractor-induced deafness

Published: 2 March 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6n7585w2jj.1
Lea Kern,


Here we provide data from two cross-modal experiments: a behavioral study and an event-related potentials (ERP) study investigating distractor effects on target detection and ERP correlates of target access. Data from the behavioral study include the factors 'number of distractors' (0 vs. 1 vs. 6-8) and cue-target Stimulus Onset Asynchrony (0 vs. 100 vs. 300 ms). Behavioral data from the ERP experiment include the factor 'number of distractors' (0 vs. 1 vs. 6-8). ERP data are provided in 12 separate files for each consecutive 60 ms time window covering the time range 0 to 720 ms after cue/target onset. Each file contains ERP mean amplitudes for 'cue only, multiple distractors', as well as for 'hit' and 'miss' in the cue + target, multiple distractor condition separately for each electrode position and participant. A short description of the data files is provided in the "README" file. The folder "Psychopy Code and Stimuli" contains PsychoPy Presentation Code and Stimulus Material. Raw behavioral and ERP data as well as ERP marker are provided in addition to the pre-processed data files in the folder "Raw data".



Freie Universitat Berlin


Event-Related Potential, Cross-Modal Perception