Locations of Shopping Malls in Bergen and Morris Counties in NJ

Published: 31 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6nhbr7tnzw.1
Michaela Kazimierczyk, Jamie Struble


This data set presents the locations of malls within two New Jersey counties, Bergen and Morris. When NJ counties are ranked per capita income, Morris County is found second on the list and Bergen County is found fourth. Having residents with higher incomes can increase spending at shopping malls. This could explain why Paramus, in Bergen County, is the town with the most malls in the state. One of the major malls found here is the Garden State Plaza Mall which is the most earning mall in NJ, worth more than 2.7 billion. As well as this, the presence of malls in communities can increase development in the area which can lead to higher property values and additional economic activity. The data was gathered using the Google website. The data includes the locations and names of the shopping malls in Bergen and Morris Counties in New Jersey. The total number of the shopping malls in these two counties is 16. Bergen County has 7 shopping malls and Morris County has 9 shopping malls. In total, there are 16 malls in the two counties - Bergen and Morris Counties. Bergen County has 7 shopping malls, while Morris County has 9 shopping malls. Bergen County has 43% of the total malls in the two counties. Morris County has 56% of the total malls. Having a map that shows the locations of New Jersey malls could lead to a deeper understanding of the area that they are found in. The presence of malls can often indicate higher income areas, especially in cases where there are several malls found in one particular area. As well as this, a mall can bring in a lot of tax revenue to the state which can aid in overall economic growth. While the tax revenue itself can aid in the growth, the presence of malls can also accomplish this indirectly. Oftentimes, having a mall in a town brings more businesses and infrastructure to the area which can increase the area's income, employment, and economic stability. Data includes: map with the locations and an Excel Sheet with names, addresses, and coordinate points of the shopping malls.


Steps to reproduce

To reproduce the data, use the Google website with the search "list of shopping malls in Bergen County, NJ" and "list of shopping malls in Morris County, NJ".


Drew University


New Jersey