Mapeamento do atendimento psicológico hospitalar em Uberlândia

Published: 25 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6nvg3g7y66.1
Neuber Martins Fonseca,


O objetivo do trabalho é mapear o atendimento do psicólogo hospitalar nas unidades de saúde da cidade de Uberlândia e avaliar a possível necessidade de ampliação deste atendimento.


Steps to reproduce

This is a quantitative and exploratory study of the document analysis type, developed through an intervention carried out by five psychology students The search for health units in the city of Uberlândia was carried out via electronic search on the Google platform, with the descriptors: hospitals in Uberlândia, health unit in Uberlândia, health clinics in Uberlândia, UAIs in Uberlândia, care and hospitalization units in Uberlândia , UBS in Uberlândia, Basic Health Unit in Uberlândia. The research consisted of interrogations carried out on the days of May 2024 directed to the person responsible for the institution by telephone, or by direct and personal contact at the institution, seeking objective, simple and direct information, yes or no, on the availability of the hospital psychologist professional in the health unit. The participants' contributions were made voluntarily and freely, without any type of identification or requirement for participation being requested.


Universidade de Uberaba




Fundação Nacional de Desenvolvimento do Ensino Superior Particular