Dataset on twenty years of civil conflicts in Nigeria

Published: 8 September 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6pjjcpnkzj.1
George Agwu


This dataset describes micro-level conflict activities relating to Nigeria, which was extracted from the ACLED. Nigeria is known to have witnessed a fair share of total civil conflicts in sub-Saharan Africa, including the acclaimed first modern warfare in the subcontinent – the Nigeria (versus Biafra) civil war . The large heterogeneous Nigerian population, divided along ethnic, religious and cultural lines continues to generate latent frictions and manifest conflicts. As of today, there are a number of deadly militias operating within the country, notably the Boko Haram and pastoral herders whose activities are recognised globally . This data may be relevant in understanding the nexus between the recent Nigeria's conflicts environment and national development along economic, social and political dimensions. In addition, it provides safety planning resources for individuals' safety and governments.



Social Sciences