Supplemental Table 1. Effects of heat stress and dietary organic acid and plant botanical supplementation on clinical assessments of lactating multiparous Holstein cows.

Published: 15 July 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6px2ns6spc.1
Ananda Fontoura, Awais Javaid, Víctor Sáinz De La Maza Escolà, Nia Salandy, Susan Fubini, Ester Grilli, Joe McFadden


Forty-six pregnant multiparous and lactating Holstein cows were randomly assigned to one of four treatments at enrollment: unsupplemented thermoneutral conditions (TN-Con, n = 12), heat-stress with no organic acids and pure botanicals (OA/PB) supplementation (HS-Con, n = 12), thermoneutral conditions pair-fed to HS-Con (TN-PF, n = 12), HS supplemented with OA/PB (75 mg/kg of body weight [BW]; AviPlus R; VetAgro S.p.A., Italy; HS-OAPB, n = 10). Control cows (not supplemented with OA/PB) received a matching dose of the lipid matrix.



Cornell University


Dairy Cattle