FDA Research Paper

Published: 3 April 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6r572gkrb5.1


The results of the study indicate that usefulness, enjoyment, online tracking, listing and online rating positively influences the perceived value i.e., benefits of using FDAs positively influences the perceived value hence H1, H2, H3, H4 and H5 are supported. Apart from the proven relationships of enjoyment and usefulness in the original VAM, the study offers some interesting outcomes by highlighting the positive effect of online tracking, listing and online rating on perceived value. The literature has already argued that the growing popularity and increased usage of food delivery apps can be attributed to a variety of reasons including the option of real-time tracking of delivery (Singh, 2019; Vinaik et al., 2019). Furthermore, it has also been identified that the customer experience with FDAs is largely influenced by online reviews, ratings and online tracking, which further contributes towards customer satisfaction (Alalwan, 2019). In context of entrepreneurs, Koiri et al. (2019) also established that a positive consumer perception towards FDAs can be created by ensuring ease of use and the option to track the order. Moreover, since enhanced customer experience in the presence of online tracking option, enhances their satisfaction level, and the relationship between perceived value and customer satisfaction have long been studied (El-Adly, 2019), therefore it would not be incorrect to posit that online tracking as a benefit will influence perceived value too. The finding of the study therefore goes consistent with the literature by arguing that the feature of online tracking is an added benefit that will not only enhance their experience with the FDA but will also influence the way customer perceives the value attached with an FDA.



Marketing Models in Food Marketing