Advancing quantitative understanding of self-potential signatures in the critical zone through long-term monitoring

Published: 12 November 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6r8898657w.1
Kaiyan Hu,


The HOBE hydrological observatory is located within an agricultural field (Fig. 2) in the Skjern river catchment (Fig. 2a), near Voulund, western Denmark. By making the SP and complimentary (temperature, dielectric constant, evapotranspiration, precipitation) data time-series available, we hope to stimulate other researchers to test new SP modeling approaches and interpretation strategies against these data. Each folder contains a data file, a file of sensors depths and a corresponding description file. A manuscript with the same name as this data set has been submitted to Journal of Hydrology in November 2019.



Electrical Method in Geophysics, Geophysical Hydrodynamics