Human Resource Management Practice and Quality of Work Life

Published: 22 December 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6rf49zwspg.1
Amalia Raquel Perez-Nebra,


301 IT professionals answer this survey. They are from different places in Brazil (north to south). We have two instruments, Quality of Work Life and Human Resource Practices. Also, we have qualitative data attached to subjects. As we collect data in Brazil, we use a Brazilian Quality of Work Life instrument developed by Mário César Ferreira and developed by Rodrigo Ferreira. The Human Resource Practice instrument used was based in Villajos and we added some items. (references below). Ferreira, R. R. (2013). Qualidade de vida no trabalho. Questões de método para a realização de diagnóstico em ambientes de trabalho. In M. C. Ferreira, C. S. Antloga, T. Paschoal, & R. R. Ferreira (Eds.), Qualidade de vida no trabalho: questões fundamentais e perspectivas de análise e intervenção (pp. 167–186). Paralelo 15. Villajos, E., Tordera, N., Peiró, J. M., & van Veldhoven, M. J. P. M. (2019). Refinement and validation of a comprehensive scale for measuring HR practices aimed at performance-enhancement and employee-support. European Management Journal, 37(3), 387–397.


Steps to reproduce

We collect data using the Linkedin platform and google forms. We asked IT professionals to answer the survey.


Universidade de Brasilia


Management, Human Resource