Reference Norms of Non-Equilibrium Coordination Tests Among Healthy College Students: An Observational Study

Published: 19 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6rnjw37dcg.1
rohit kashyap,


Coordination is an essential component of neurological examination if it lacks individual suffer with impaired balance. Coordination can be assessing through Equilibrium and Non-equilibrium test. The Heel on shin test (HTS) and Drawing a figure of eight with lower extremity test (D_FO8_LE) is reliable and valid test measures to asses coordination. But there is a dearth in literature regarding the normative values of HTS and D_FO8_LL among college going students aged between 20-25 years. To establish the normative reference values of the HTS and D_FO8_LE among healthy college students. A sample of 110 college students were recruited to participate in the study. Their Coordination was assessed using the HTS and D_FO8_LE, which typically involves limb movement in synchronize manner with eyes open or closed. The participants were asked to be supine lying to perform “HTS and D_FO8_LE” with eyes open and close each side alternatively with both the limbs three readings was noted with both eyes open and close three values each were noted for both the tests which were done with eyes close and eye open first with right limb and then left limb in both tests. This study recruited 57.27% males and 42.73% females. The normative reference values for HTS and D_FO8_LE was expressed in Geometric Mean, Mean ± SD. The normative reference values for HTS(EOR) was 2.36 (2.37 ± 0.17) seconds, the normative reference values for HTS(ECR) was 2.34 (2.34 ± 0.16) seconds, for HTS(EOL) was 2.42 (2.42 ± 0.18) seconds and, for HTS(ECL) was 2.39 (2.40 ± 0.18) seconds, for D_FO8_LE(EOR) was 3.35 (3.37 ± 0.36) seconds, for D_FO8_LE(ECR) was 3.37 (3.39 ± 0.35) seconds, for D_FO8_LE(EOL) was 3.43 (3.45 ± 0.33) seconds, for D_FO8_LE(ECL) was 3.43 (3.45 ± 0.33) seconds. This study established the normative reference values for age group 20-25 years among health college students. This suggested that while HTS and D_FO8_LE emerged as a reliable measure in some contexts, further investigation and refinement may be needed to improve its consistency across all aspects of the tests.MM



Maharishi Markandeshwar Institute of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


Motor Control, Cognitive Impairment, Young Adult