Effectiveness of Brandt Daroff and Gaze Stabilization Exercise in Vertigo Treatment

Published: 23 November 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6rz5g2vwj2.1
Erman Kent


The aim of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of the vestibular rehabilitation home program consisting of Brandt Daroff and gaze stabilization exercises for individuals suffering from vertigo. Thirteen individuals, aged 25–45 years, who had vertigo, no hearing loss, and no neurological disease was included in the study. The negative effect of vertigo on the participants' activities of daily living was evaluated with the Activity-Specific Balance Confidence Scale (ABC). Brandt-Daroff Exercises and gaze stabilization exercises were given as a home program as a vestibular rehabilitation program. Patients were re-evaluated 3 weeks later and 3 months later with ABC Scale. The results were compared.


Steps to reproduce

The audiological tests, ENT examination results, and neurological examination results of the patients who applied to the ENT Polyclinic of Ondokuz Mayıs University Medical Faculty Hospital with a complaint of dizziness were reviewed. Eighty-eight patients aged 25-45 years, with normal hearing, no diagnosed neurological disease, and no systemic disease that could cause peripheral or central vestibular disorders, were called by phone and informed about the study. Thirteen patients who agreed to participate in the study and still have vertigo were called to the audiology unit, and a voluntary consent form was read and signed. Audiometry and immittance meter tests were performed on the patients participating in the study. The direction in which the dizziness complaints increased in head movements was questioned and the Dix Hallpike Test was applied. The effect of dizziness on the patient's activities of daily living was evaluated with the Activity-Specific Balance Confidence Scale (PASS), and vestibular rehabilitation exercises were given as a home program. The patients were reassessed face-to-face with PASSQ after 3 weeks and 3 months later.


Ondokuz Mayis Universitesi - Kurupelit Kampusu


Vestibular Disorder, Peripheral Vertigo, Exercise Rehabilitation