Data for: Fitting Multiple Models to Multiple Data Sets

Published: 18 July 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6s77pb7fxk.1
Starrlight Augustine, Gonçalo Marques, Konstadia Lika, Laure Pecquerie, Sebastiaan Kooijman


Supplemenary files for "Fitting Multiple Models to Multiple Data" Goncalo M. Marques, Dina Lika, Starrlight Augustine, Laure Pecquerie and Sebastiaan A.L.M. Kooijman. Journal of Sea Research, 2018 compatible with DEBtool_M v.2017 and are most likely compatible with the latest version. To use these files, dowload the latest version of DEBtool_M from GitHub and set the matlab path to it. Keep these files together in a separate directory. Excecute the run_test file to obtain parameter estimates and view model prediction VS data. We refer the reader to the study to read about how the data are generated. There are four files: run_test - this is the executable file mydata_test pars_init_test predict_test To understand the set-up of the files we refer the reader to the open access publication "The AmP project: Comparing species on the basis of dynamic energy budget parameters" The user should also consult the mediawiki powered AmP estimation manual: which provides technical information on the files (run, mydata, predict, pars_init).



Parameter Estimation