Spatial transcriptomics reveals genes associated with dysregulated mitochondrial functions and stress signaling in Alzheimer's disease

Published: 21 September 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6s959w2zyr.1
Jose Fernandez Navarro


This is the public data repository for the the work presented in Navarro and Croteau et al. iScience, 2020. The repository contains 48 Spatial Tancriptomics (ST) sections (24 of the hippocampus and 24 of the olfactory bulb). The sections were obtained from an Alzheimer´s disease mouse model: 3xAD, 3xPB, 3xPB and WT For each section, we have deposited the following: - H&E file - Matrix of counts We also included the merged matrices of counts and meta files. The results of the analyses are also present (factor analysis clusters, DE analysis genes, pathways, etc...).


Steps to reproduce

See Methods sections in the paper. Some tools used are the following:


KTH Royal Institute of Technology Gene technology


Bioinformatics, Neurodegenerative Disorder, Machine Learning, Alzheimer's Disease, Transcriptomics, Spatial Analysis