Published: 02-07-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6t3wmcy5f9.1
krishna teja perannagari


Data file to be used for bibliometric analysis. The analysis can be done using various software such as R, citespace, publish or perish, VOSviewer etc.


Steps to reproduce

#Code for summarizing the results. The authors have run the code on RStudio. #Set this to the place where the data file(PMDataFile.txt) is present setwd("E:/Bibliometric Analysis") #Loading the biblometrix library library(bibliometrix) D <- readFiles('PMDataFile.txt') M <- convert2df(D, dbsource = "isi", format = "plaintext") results <- biblioAnalysis(M, sep = ";") summary <- summary(object = results, k = 10, pause = FALSE) #Most Productive authors authors=gsub(","," ",names(results$Authors)[1:10]) indices <- Hindex(M, authors, sep = ";", years = 50) indices$H DF <- dominance(results, k = 10) DF #For converting the file to excel the reviewers can use Publish or perish software if they are not familiar with coding in R.