Data for: Lean combustion analysis using a corona discharge igniter in an optical engine fueled with methane and a hydrogen-methane blend

Published: 27 September 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6tjbcd9csy.1
Valentino Cruccolini


Since the amount of data that has been acquired, processed and presented in the paper is non-negligible, the Authors decided to share, as an example, only two combustion points data. Both these points are related to a lambda 1.4 air-CH4 mixture: one ignited by a conventional spark igniter, and one by an RF corona igniter. They have been acquired in the Internal Combustion Engine Lab of the University of Perugia, Department of Engineering. Authors agree to share further data upon request. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The shared data have been converted into an open-access format for sharing purposes: a .csv file for indicating analysis (only in-cylinder pressure is shown) and a .mp4 file (flame images). The .csv files contain the in-cylinder pressure traces in 103 columns: the first one is related to the crank angle degree value (one row each 0.1 CAD), the second one to the average pressure trace, and each of the following 101 is related to the in-cylinder pressure of a single combustion event. The .mp4 files contain the flame images related to one of the 101 combustion pressure traces reported in the corresponding .csv file. The temporal resolution is 0.3 CAD/frame, and the .mp4 speed, during the conversion, was set to 20 fps.



Flame Speed, Internal Combustion Engine Combustion