Aerosols in the upper haze of Venus from joint SPICAV−UV and SPICAV−IR observations

Published: 13 November 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6twnbbky2y.1
Mikhail Luginin


Dataset for the publication "Bimodal aerosol distribution in Venus’ upper haze from joint SPICAV-UV and -IR observations on Venus Express" by M. Luginin, A. Fedorova, D. Belyaev, F. Montmessin, O. Korablev, J.-L. Bertaux, Icarus. Includes a readme file, a list of observations, and effective radius, effective variance and number density profiles for mode 1 and mode 2 particles retrieved from the joint SPICAV−UV and SPICAV−IR observations on Venus Express. Aerosol data files are named "SPICAV_UV_IR_XXXXAYY_Z.txt", where XXXX is the decimal orbit number, Y is the observation sequence, Z is 0 if there was a single occultation during the observation, 1 or 2 if there were two occultation observations.



Institut kosmiceskih issledovanij, Institut Kosmiceskih Issledovanij RAN


Atmospheric Aerosol, Planetary Atmosphere, Occultation, Infrared Astronomy, Venus


Russian Science Foundation